Specialized trading company for auto parts




The “safety and comfort" pursued by Meiji Sangyo goes beyond the field of auto parts, providing machinery parts and devices across various fields, such as railway cars, construction machinery and industrial machinery.

Meiji Sangyo seizes opportunities for growth, with a strategy full of challenger spirit, exporting steel-related machinery and equipment to Taiwan from 1954, with business partners cultivated through the import and export of auto parts since the company’s inception. In addition to diversifying products supplied beyond auto parts, we have expanded our sales network to Korea, the Philippines, China and others. At present, we are expanding our business areas to railway cars, machine tools and so on internationally, as well as construction and industrial machinery in Japan, while continuing to support the manufacturing of customers both in Japan, and internationally.

Railway car

  • Railway car

  • In 50 years of machinery and equipment export business in Asia, it was a huge order from a large Chinese Railway Company in the first half of the 2000s that saw the business really blossom. That led us to open our Qingdao office, and we are currently expanding our business centering on sales of car body and railroad truck related parts and devices, while continuing to challenge to expand our business from Asia to the world.

Construction machinery

  • Construction machinery

  • We supply directly to the factory line, specialized parts to be assembled into new vehicles, to Japan’s largest and the world's leading construction equipment manufacturers, also selling aftermarket repair parts. The fact of our direct relationships with customers who are top manufacturers, demonstrates the reputation for trust and safety our products enjoy.

Industrial machinery

  • Industrial machinery

  • Parts supplied to industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers.

    A mechanical parking garage is shown on the right. We are involved in urban development through the supply of equipment-related parts directly to leading manufacturers of mechanical parking lots, installed underground in buildings and hotels. In other fields, we support high-quality, high-performance manufacturing through the supply of parts to large-scale manufacturing facilities of one of the world's leading tire manufacturers.