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Delivering car user safety, security and comfort.

Since its foundation in 1933, we have supplied high-quality, high-performance auto repair parts and consumable parts in Japan, and internationally. Currently, our sales channels cover domestic parts dealer, public transportation, and government agencies including more than 80 countries. Parts with the same quality as the ones fitted to finished cars are known as genuine parts, and are manufactured by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. As members of Japan Auto Parts Association (JAPA), the global auto aftermarket network TEMOT International, and Auto Care Association, we strive to promote high quality, high performance parts, and in automobile safety in particular, we are focusing on important safety related components, such as those found in brakes.

Global Aftermarket

Sales area spreading to domestic and overseas

The reliable auto parts carefully selected by Meiji Sangyo, are supplied to all 47 prefectures in Japan, and over 80 countries.



  • Europe

    1. England
    2. Italy
    3. Ukraine
    4. Austria
    5. Netherlands
    6. Kazakhstan
    7. Cyprus
    8. Greece
    9. Switzerland
    10. Sweden
    11. Denmark
    12. Germany
    1. Turkey
    2. Norway
    3. Finland
    4. France
    5. Bulgaria
    6. Belgium
    7. Poland
    8. Portugal
    9. Malta
    10. Lithuania
    11. Russia
  • Americas

    1. America
    2. Argentina
    3. Uruguay
    4. Ecuador
    5. El Salvador
    6. Canada
    7. Guatemala
    8. Costa Rica
    9. Colombia
    10. Jamaica
    11. Chile
    12. Dominican Republic
    13. Honjaras
    14. United States of America
    1. Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    2. Nicaragua
    3. Haiti
    4. Panama
    5. Paraguay
    6. Barbados
    7. Puerto Rico
    8. Venezuela
    9. Peru
    10. Bolivia
    11. Honduras
    12. Mexico
  • Middle East & Africa

    1. Afghanistan
    2. United Arab Emirates
    3. Yemen
    4. Egypt
    5. Oman
    1. Qatar
    2. Kuwait
    3. Kenya
    4. Saudi Arabia
    5. Shera leone
    6. Iraq
    1. Syrian
    2. Tunisia
    3. Bahrain
    4. Pakistan
    5. Iran
    1. South Africa
    2. Mauritius
    3. Jordan
    4. Lebanon
    5. Chenizia
  • Asia & Oceania

    1. India
    2. Indonesia
    3. Australia
    4. Korea
    5. Cambodia
    1. Singapore
    2. Sri Lanka
    3. Thailand
    4. Taiwan
    5. China
    1. Nepal
    2. New Zealand
    3. Bangladesh
    4. Philippines
    5. Vietnam
    1. Hong Kong
    2. Malaysia
    3. Myanmar
    4. Mongolia



Building on the experience and connections cultivated over years in the sale of auto parts, we look to new challenges. Please do keep an eye on Meiji Sangyo going forwards.

Alvis Authorized Dealer in Japan

  • Alvis

  • The “Alvis” is a British luxury classic car called "the world's first supercar”, and pairs a traditional design with an innovative engine. Meiji Sangyo resumed Alvis sales in Japan for the first time in almost 50 years, as Japan agent from 2018. In addition to the Limited Edition “Continuation Series”, they also sell cars restored in the United Kingdom, and distribute parts for repair, with a maintenance system in place for work to be carried out on previously sold vehicles by mechanics trained in the U,K. As cars themselves become more advanced, we believe that we can offer customers new ways of enjoying cars - re-introducing Alvis as if they had traveled in time.

    Alvis official site Alvis official siteAlvis official site

Alvis classic cars

Seiken e-Garage

  • e-Garage

  • “Training Center for Future People and Cars”

    Seiken e-Garage, a group company of Meiji Sangyo, has set up a training center that introduces the latest equipment and systems for automobile maintenance operatives to respond to modern vehicles and maintenance technology that is increasingly computerized and advanced, providing services aimed at improving customer maintenance technology and capabilities.

    Seiken e-Garage official site Seiken e-Garage official siteSeiken e-Garage official site