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The technology to stop the car is more complex than that to run it.

“Seiken” is a global brand of Meiji Sangyo for products born of this philosophy, such as brake parts and brake fluid. Approved to strict safety standards, by users both in Japan and overseas, for unrivaled high quality.

Technologies for BRAKING by Seiken

What’s Seiken?

Sales of superior quality brake parts and fluids

  • Soon after our founding in 1937, we established Seidouki Kenkyujo (Brake Laboratory), and the following year succeeded in domestically producing the rubber cup for brakes and brake fluid. In 1959, Seidouki Kenkyujo (Brake Laboratory) became the independent Seiken Chemical Industry Co., Ltd supplying OEM to car makers with brake parts and fluid, while supplying products of equal quality for automobile repair.

    As a distributor, we play a role in promoting high-quality, high-performance Seiken brake parts and brake fluid, both in Japan and internationally.

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Seiken e-Garage Training Center

Seiken e-Garage improves operational efficiency,quality in vehicle inspection,repair and maintenance,and focus on consultations to solve various problems which has an automobile maintenance shop.We will actively hold seminars that Product demonstrations,various training and automobile business,and lead your business to success.At the training center,the training team plans a program to suit the customer. We continues to develop abilities and improve skills.

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Brake workshop for Auto mechanic

  • Brake workshop for Auto mechanic

  • In order to drive a car safely, maintenance of brake is essential.

    We have produced a text and have held brake workshops for maintenance companies, to help them understand increasingly complex brake mechanisms, to use for routine inspections and maintenance.

Against Imitated Items

Seiken - a very famous name in brake parts, has many counterfeit product imitations, particularly overseas. For the safety and security of our customers, we actively develop brand protection and measures to tackle counterfeit products.

Please take care not to use any counterfeit products.

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