GL-5 90

GL-5 90

GL-5 90

  • Standard & High performance, MADE IN JAPAN !

    High performance gear oil with API GL-5 standard which is manufactured by blending a multipurpose type extreme pressure additive into base oil of high viscosity index subjected to special refining treatment and conforming to the SAE 90 standard.



●High load transmission and final reduction gear required performance of API GL-5

●Automotive / vehicle def, mission, steering gear

●Civil engineering, Construction machinery, Agriculture, Forestry machinery, Seal gear device for ship auxiliaries

●High load industrial and automotive equipment


Usage Notes

○ Please do not use for LSD(Limited Slip Differential gear) 


The matrix can be seen by scrolling.

Liter Parts Number
20L GL5-90P
200L GL5-90D

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