SN PLUS/GF-5 5W-30

SN PLUS/GF-5 5W-30

SN PLUS/GF-5 5W-30

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    PROFIX SN PLUS/GF-5 5W-30 is oil for eco-friendly, better fuel economy gasoline engines which matched the latest standard API SN PLUS of API(American Petroleum Institute) . This oil use only high viscosity index base oil(VHVI).  This oil shows a superior oil film retention and high temperature oxidation stability and superior wear resistance by the effective combination with the original additive. (Synthetic).


    For Gasoline

    VHVI base oil

Usage Notes

〇Oil film retention is strengthened by combination of high viscosity index group oil(VHVI), and this oil shows engine protection performance under the severe terms of use. And this oil protects an engine in a high temperature, the heavy load and draws higher engine performance.

〇This oil shows superior high temperature oxidation stability by combination of high viscosity index oil(VHVI) and prevents deterioration of oil exposed to the high temperature in the engine and maintains high lubrication performance for a long term.

〇This oil shows superior cleanliness characteristics and keeps an engine in clean under various operating conditions from low temperature to a high temperature.

〇This oil shows superior start characteristics of engine in the cold districts and prevents the partial abrasion of engine by superior low temperature fluidity. In addition, this oil draw engine performance by superior lubrication performance effectively.

〇"Doughnut mark" of API is printed to a package. As for this mark, it is accepted indication only the oil which acquired the certification of API.

〇Suppresses Low-Speed Pre Ignition (LSPI), a failure that may occur in direct-injection engine vehicles.  Contains Mg additive. Fits the latest car models. 


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